Monday, October 27, 2008

Happy Diwali

Its so beautiful to see this from my home!!


Aravind said...

sooper...mist thana..

Maayaa said...


krishnaraj said...

Vazhi Shenbagam,

Am not sure whether I could ask this or not but at the same time I can’t resist my feel of asking you, “Why are you not writing these days?”
Though it’s your personal just want to know….. hope that you understand.

Once Mr.Jayakanthan was asked why he’s not writing. He replied that, “enaku aricha naan sorinjipaen unn aripukelam naan soriya mudiyadu”.
It may seem so strong in words but he’s every right to say it.

Hope that you may..... :-)

Warm regards,
Krishna Raj, P.