Wednesday, January 16, 2008


We call this ' a coffee filter'.

If sold in Amazon or eBay, what would this be called??

"Manipal's classic stainless steel 4 piece Filterware set"

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Daily vandhu enna paarunga!!!


Happy New Year!!

Let this New Year bring a lot of happiness in all our lives!!!!

Epdi irukeenga?? ABABABAB-long time no C. hee hee..

Well, I have a news for you.. I am selected as the 'star of the week' by thamzhmanam for the forthcoming week (jan 7th - jan 14th). My blog will be linked here from this saturday -

1000's of makkal varuvaangalaam..I was not serious about it till this week..Ippo matha star post ellam paathaa vayathula puliya karaikudhu..ovvoru starkkum edho speciality irukku.. Enna Thappa choose pannitaangannu strongaa thonudhu..edho..oru bayam... Innum enna enna tamil post podanumnnu ideave varala..edho oru sama bayam..

Well, I am selected for the (one of my blogspots) and not this one. I will (have to) publish atleast one post per day!!

Makkale...nallavargale..pechaalargale..pengale..tamil pulavargale.. tamil kooti kooti padikravangale..yaathrigargale..lordgale..chandrargale..alavillaa irarakkam udaiyavargalee.. kalaiselvigale..'iraamane raaja'kale....jeevangale..muthukumarargale..agninatchatirangale!!

neenga ellam en katchila irundhu, coming week daily kku vandhu paathu, ennai ookuviyunga:)- aasir vadhangal and good luck needed please!!!