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Malarum ninaivugal tag

Arun, tagged me with this tag, to pull together five (read some) of my posts to sort of fit into five Categories - Family, Friends, Your Love, Things You like and Yourself… So I’ve been thinking and thinking and I have finally haplessly put together a few of my posts to roughly fall into the said categories.
The rules of the tag are: Post 5 links to 5 of your previously written posts. The posts have to relate to the 5 key words given (family, friend, yourself, your love, anything you like). Tag 5 other friends to do this meme. Try to tag at least 2 new acquaintances (if not, your current blog buddies will do) so that you get to know them each a little bit better.

Basically apdiye cut-paste from arun's blog he hee...!! But, I won’t tag anybody and trouble makkal. If anybody tags themselves out of enthusiasm, let me know:)

1. Family: Mothal onna padinga.. kadiya irundha free!! familyla onnume ezhuthala paa!!!

Amma appa 1
Amma appa 2
Amma appa 3
Amma appa final

2. Friend: idhulayum onnum illa.. so, kanavule friendsa kodumai paduthuvadha pathi dhaan post..

3. Myself : My name is Priya Venkatakrishnan

4. My love: Indha kelvikku eppayume more than 3 answers irukku..generallaa sonna Food; Kavithai; Arts & Science
Kavithai sample

5. My like: Ditto as before.. lovekkum likekkum onnume periya difference illa enaku.. Ellathulayume overaa aarvam undu.. Passionnnu onne onnu ennikume kedaiyaadhu lifela..

Look at any of the posts on labels such as Food, Kavithai, Arts and Science...ada Pongayya..kadiya poduthu.. Arun..enaku varra kovathukku...!! idhellam oru tagu..kadavule!!

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Manuscript -Panchamritham


How are you guys? Well, this is probably the first official post of the year. Well, me, this year has taken off like a rocket in everything. On jan 2nd, I got a news that I am selected for a research contest and as a result, I had to put my results in the form of manuscript and before before feb 1st. From hardly working to working hard. Also, I had to write atleast 7 tamil posts for thamizhmanam- tamizh grammar..en aarva kolarukku alave illa:)- Plus deadlines, booking tickets and hotels for the meetings during this semester. Plus UT El Paso formality documents filing (I can really write a post on that..I will definitely dump all my frustration on blogspot about this one day)

My backache shooted up during last week of Jan. Very severe..Like a paati, I was holding my hip and walking all around..On feb 2nd, I felt like december 2nd week...All tired. Need a vacation!! Then took 3 days off from lab, did yoga twice a day and I am back to work now. Ippovum onnum vela pannala Okay..

Makkale..I want you to see the effect of my manuscript writing. Its still in me… When you write an article, you will learn a new language (within a language). say for example, if you want to say ' avan enna thalli vittaan..padupaavi', you have to say 'mariyadhaikuriya avar, kaiyaal vegaamaaga thoda, naan tharaiyai thotten..idhu paavam tharakoodiya seyal'

Enna makkale..punnagaiyaa?? I will try to show how much I am influenced by this by writing a mini manuscript. I am choosing Palani Panchamritham that I made few months ago so that it is hilarious..hopefully:) (Read with References along)

A novel and authentic way of preparing Palani Panchamritam

Priya Venkatakrishnan
Department of Cooking and Catering, University of South Indian Arts and Science, El Paso, TX- 799xy

Address correspondence to Priya V,

Panchamritam is a sweet dish that is prepared in many different parts of India by Yogis. Originally Panchamritam contains 5 ingredients that are considered to be amritham, the elixir of life. The ingredients include Milk, Ghee, Butter, Honey, Kalkandu. Though Panchamritam is made all over India, Palani Panchamritam differs from Panchamritam. Palani Panchamritam is prepared in the Murugan temple at Palani (Sithar et al.,Kaliyugam) and hence called so. Palani Panchamritam has been relished not only by millions of people in Tamilnadu (Om Tat sat) in earth but also by Lord Muruga and his family in heaven (Murugan et al).

Palani Panchamritam is known to be good for health and during special occasions, Lord Muruga is bathed with palani panchamritam (Bhaktha Jana kodigal et al). Although Panchamritam is made along with other prasadhams at home, the art of making palani panchamritam is not well established over internet. Our lab has already been known to strive for perfection in preparing some of the known-to-be-tough dishes and have succeeded in preparing dishes with mouth-watering taste (Subha, 2005, kuttipriya-samayal, 2005). We, therefore, meticulously performed experiments to prepare palani panchamritam as tasty as the one at Palani, using modern equipments such as electric oven, stainless steel and non-stick utensils and fresh fruits in order to make the preparation easy and safe at home.

(Ipdi dhaan oru sothai topicla research edhuthu projecta project pannuvaanga..araicha maava araipanga ..)


All stainless and non-stick utensils weighing less than 5 lbs were purchased in Albertsons, El Paso


Ripe Bananas, Dates, Honey, Curd, Milk, Water and Grapes were purchased from Walmart. Cashews, Cardomom, Almonds were bought from 711 Gas station, El Paso. Jaggery and Ghee were obtained from R V Indian Grocery stores.

Methods and Results (Proving your point section)

One cup of Jaggery was solubilized using water in a stainless steel utensil until it becomes semi-viscous liquid. 4-5 bananas were mashed separately. The jaggery solution was heated mildly during which 1 tablespoon of ghee, a small bunch of grapes, ½ glass of milk, 1 tablespoon curd, ¼ cup of dates and the mashed bananas were added. In the meantime, few gms of cashews, almonds were mildly fried in one tablespoon of ghee separately and added to the jaggery solution. Now, when they become a semi-solid paste, they were removed from the stove. Then, a tablespoon of honey was added to the boiled mixture.
Results from our experiment showed that palani panchamritam tastes authentic as our positive control, the original palani panchamritam bought at Palani temple. The degree of exactness of the taste was 99 ± 0.4% and the sweetness sensitivity to the tongue is optimal 80 ± 0.7% (neither too sweet not too bitter). The consistency of palani panchamritam was semi-solid and matched the positive control (98%).

We also applied a negative control that contained all ingredients such as Ripe Bananas, Dates, Honey, Milk, curd, Water and Grapes minus Jaggery. Our negative control failed to produce palani panchamritam, although it produiced regular panchamritam, indicating that jaggery is essential for palani panchamritam. Also we had an internal control to test our experiment whether voluntary mixing of these gave the exact taste. The internal control contained all the ingredients, placed 2 inches from each other in a large plate and monitored at room temperature for 10 min to see if they move towards each other to form panchamritam. The internal control failed to produce panchamritam. Interestingly, milk and water moved vigorously to mix with Honey and Yogurt to form a thin liquid mixture and the fruits stayed apart.
Side-effect analyses using human beings such as Priya and her friends indicate that there were no symptoms of headache, backache or any problems for the next 24 hours, although Priya had sneezing a couple of times at 6hrs. Thus, we demonstrate that our experiment produce a safe and delicious Palani panchamritam.

Discussion (Most people do Logic rather Pethal )

Palani Panchamritam is a wonderfully tasting kongunaadu dish (Internet). Also it is considered to be an aphrodisiac (Miriam Hospodar). Interestingly sages and great men of different periods have quoted that Palani Panchamritam tastes awesome and it is offered to Lord Muruga (Arunagirinathar et al). As Lord Muruga loved Valli, we speculate that he probably tasted in Valli malai or any kongu regions. Although Avvaiyar (avvaiyaar et al, Ages before) enlightened us that he is THE fruit that we should taste, the fruit Lord Muruga wished to taste and be bathed is palani panachamritam. It is tempting to speculate that Palani Panchamritam is the fruit mix that gives Gyana.

Thus, identifying a novel and authentic way of preparing Palani Panchamritam with high degree of exactness at home is absolutely essential. Our lab produced a palani panchamritam with high degree of exactness and optimal senstivitity with minimal side-effects. We would like address the issue of Priya’s sneezing by quoting that Priya used to get sneezing whenever there is less circulation of air (Maayaa, 2006) Because there were many people at home, it is probable that Priya could not get adequate fresh air as before and that led to sneezing. Further tests are needed to prove that lack of adequate fresh air was the cause of sneezing.

In order to lead a healthy life and be prosperous, it is highly essential to prepare palani panchamritam and eat at home. To save money and to avoid side-effects of canned Panchamritam available outside the Palani temple and elsewhere, it is necessary to prepare them at home. To date, there is no perfect procedure described over internet. Our lab provides a method of producing authentic and novel way of preparing Palani Panchamritam with absolutely no side-effects. Further experiments are on the way to improvise and increase the exactness of the taste.

Acknowledgements: We than Ms. Natchiar.K, Ms. Darsan, and Ms. Nelson for coming over and participating in taste and side-effect analyses. Special thanks go to all friends for encouragement.


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9. Avvaiyar, Palam Nee appa song, Thiruvilaiyaadal, Ages.

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Note: This post is not intended to attack anybody's feelings or beliefs. Its written for fun. No Offense!!

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Makkale.. oru vazhiyaa deadline submission mudichutu vandhuten!!!

Rousaa aarambipoomaa!!