Thursday, June 26, 2008

Palli and Panni - ?

Wondering what is common between palli (lizard) and panni (pig)?

Well, the yuck factor - Aruveruppu.. Wait.. I don't intend to kadichufy you makkale!! Okay..okay.. there is another common thing.. Guess what?...

Diabetic patients have to thank both palli and panni!

Previously, insulin was obtained from bovine source. Now, due to prevalence of mad-cow disease, human recombinant insulin is only used and is genetically manufactured in pigs

Recently, it is also found that the saliva venom of lizard (gila monster) is an antidiabetic agent and is currently used. Also, synthetic lizard saliva anti-D molecule is being manufactured (but is not yet in market)

Well, wondering why am I telling you all this..

Makkale..last minutela examukku padikarennu kaata illa:)- thookam thookamaa varudhu..adha kalaika dhaan:)-

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Tamil Kalyanam

One of my american friends Ms. R is planning to visit India around the time when my ex-roomie is getting married. My ex-roomie is a telugu girl and is getting married to a tamil iyengar boy..adhaan lovesunga.. enaku oru raasi.. idhu naal varai enaku roommate aanaa loves varum..ella problemum solve aagum..aprom jolly dum dum dum dhaan..adhoda continuation idhvum :)-

Matter ennannaa.. I wanted to show R how an Indian wedding would look like. She has watched north indian dances in hindi movies like DDLJ, HAHK etc - enga kooda ukkaaravechu paaka vechirukomla:)- Now, when R goes to India, I dont want her to expect anything like that! Well, I am not even sure whether it will be a telugu wedding or a tamil wedding!! Hopefully, it is tamil, as paiyan veedu nalla traditional veedu !!

So, I thought of showing some tamil kalyanam song!! The first one that came on to my mind was "Thirumangalya.." All of us would have seen this nala dhamayanthi movie song- not a real kalyanam song..just a nalangu song!!

Well, this is not a representation of all tamil kalayanam and that made me search tamil kalyanam of many different castes. I found this wonderful song..iruvizhiyo sirakadikum song

All these days, Cheran was like olden day-Mani osai movie Kalyankumar (to me) who makes you feel the emotion by crying..andha "appa super" padam..forgot its name.. I cried in the first half only and could not watch any further :)- Of course, rombave overaave nalla nadipaar..nadika veppar :)-

But this song was almost perfect enough to explain many aspects of wedding !! I really like the reaction give by sneha when he tries to look at her. Believe me, I have seen that reaction in real weddings !! Dont know which caste wedding is exactly like this..

Well, idha paarunga - Not a tamil wedding song !

First shock..preety zinta as malaiyaali..he he
Second shock..shah rukh khan sattai illaama.. ho hoo..Mallu pasanga colora dhan sonnen :)-
Malaiyala song...couple-sexy dance oru kuppai ..yaenga?? malayaleesa asinga paduthareenga!! paavam!!
plus ellatha vida..vayasaana janaki voica (ofcourse enaku janaki voice pudikum) preety zintakku naan imagine pannanuma ?!!
adhuvum tamizla:)-

enna kodumai saravanan idhu!!

"oru manushan evlo dhaan imagine pannuvaan"ga!!

Hope you know which song I mean..I tolerate everything just for the beats and lyrics !!

Friday, June 20, 2008

Excitement !!

I was walking towards the university library. There are some trees around the building. The wind blew and suddenly, lots and lots of light white-colored feathery things started falling out in large numbers (like flowers)..

"hey... thaathaa poochi...thaathaa poochi" Immediately I said this to myself and wondered!!

Wait a I using this word after...probably 15 years ? Yeh.. thats right!! And, I am noticing these cotton pieces after so many years !!

Well, what a nice word chosen by our(indian-tamil) children..It's like a poochi and it's like thaatha's hair strings !!

phuu...idhukellam oru postaa!! Some of you might think that way..
Anyways..excitement, admiration and malarum ninavugal man...adhaan!!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

ஆண்டவன் சிரிப்பான்

வெளியே வேகாத வெய்யில் – பல்கலைக்கழகத்தின்
உள்ளே கடுமையான குளிர் !
பொருக்க முடியாமல் நான் – கொணர்ந்தேன்
அறைவெந்திப் பெட்டியெனும் சாதனம்! (room heater)


“என்னடா இது! விந்தையான உலகம்”- இப்படித்தானே
ஆண்டவன் நினைப்பான்! சிரிப்பான்!!

வெட்கக்கேட்டில் நான்!!

மனம் சொல்லியது:

"பொறு பிரியா"

(மனம் ஆறுதலைத் தொடங்க, சிந்தை ஒத்துழைக்க
பிறந்ததே பின் வருபவை!! )

உன்னைப்போல் பலரும் உண்டு! சொல்கிறேன் கேள்!!

"வெளியே கடுங்குளிர்! – கட்டுமரவீட்டின்
உள்ளே மிதமான சூடு
பொருக்க முடியாமல் நாம் - அருந்துவோம்
குளிர்ப் பெட்டியிலிருந்து பானங்கள் !

(வெட்ட)வெளியில் மூலிகை மண்டி! ஆய்வுக்கூடத்தின்
உள்ளே செயற்கை அணுக்கூட்டம் (synthetic molecules)
பொருக்க முடியாமல் (side effectsai) நாம் தருவிப்போம்
மூலிகை”யொத்த” செயற்கை மருந்துகள் !

வெளியே வேண்டுமிந்த சுதந்திரம் ! அகத்தின்
உள்ளே ‘அவனு’க்கு அடிமை சாசனம்
பொருக்க முடியாமல் அவனை அதட்டுவோம்
‘மணந்தால் சரிபாதி உரிமை வேண்டும்’ என்று !

(அவன்) உள்ளே அத்தனையும் அழகு - அகத்தின்
வெளியே அழகு பெண்ணையே அணுகுவான்!
அவள்அகத்தில் அழகுதேடி அலுத்து சலித்து
பொருக்க முடியாமல் காலம் தள்ளுவான் ! "

ஆஹா ஹா..கேட்டாயா பிரியா!!

“இவை அனைத்திற்கும் சிரித்து விட்டுதானே இங்கு வந்தாய் இறைவா!!”

வெட்கக்கேட்டில் ஒரு ஒப்புமை வேறு! சரி
முடிவில் என்ன தான் சொல்கிறாய் மனமே !

மனம் சொல்லியது:

வெளியே ஜுன் 28ஆம் தேதி தேர்வு – அகத்தின்
உள்ளே ஆழ்ந்த தத்துவ சிந்தனை
பொருக்க முடியாமல் நீ (கொட்டிவிட்டாய்) – போதும்
“போய் படிக்க வேண்டியதை கவனி” என்று !

என்ன சிரிப்புச் சத்தம்? அருகில் நண்பர்கள்!!

நான் படிக்கும் அழகைப் பார்த்து
ஆண்டவன் சிரித்தானோ - என எண்ணினேன்

நானும் அவர்களுடன் சிரித்தேன் !!

நீங்கள் எப்படி?

(Actually title veliye ullennu vekkalaamnnu nenachen.. aprom, vevakaarama ninaipaangalonnu bayandhuten :)-)

Saturday, June 14, 2008

If you were born in 80's or earlier and used to watch TV..

This will bring a smile in your face!!

Right click and watch in another window :)

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Jokeaamla.. joku!!...Yaen!! Naan mattum!!!

I got a tamil book from my friend long ago. Book title "Vaay vittu sirika 100 kadhaigal"

Idha padichadhe illaye..Sangeetha aasayaa kuduthaalennu 'Romba aarvamaa' padika ukkandhen!!

Story 1: A tenant said to the owner "There are a lot of snakes around the home. Either you do something for it or reduce the rent!!". The owner thought for a while and left!!

The next day, the owner was out near the entrance of his home. When the tenant looked out to see, he found that his owner was giving out tickets to people to visit around the home. And he said to the tenant "Look!! you don't have to worry anymore. Lots of people will be around you to look at snakes. I have taken care and now, you give 100 rupees more every month"

Okay.. first story..adhaan ivlo kadi.. let us move on to the next one.. Manasa urchagapaduthitu next story padichen!!

Story 2: Man: I found that may 20th is the best day!
Woman: Did pandit find the muhurtam that day to be very auspicious?
Man: oh yeh!
Woman : Will it bring prosperity?
Man: Certainly, it seems.
Woman: What time?
Man 9.30 am- 11.00am
Woman: Okay.. Let us fix that day
Man: come with your stuff sharp at 9.30 am and we will elope!!

Okay, I will try one more at random!! palla kadichindu ponen :)-

Story 3: Man 1: Initially I was a person who was employed to reply for questions to readers in a magazine
Man 2: Then..
Man 1: Then, I started writing jokes
Man 2: Oho..
Man 1: Later, I wrote short stories
Man 2: Better..
Man 1: After a while, I started writing novel
Man 2: Man.. awesome..
Man 1:Now I am writing script for mega-serials
Man 2: Well, now you have grown up to a stage of having your own waste paper shop!!


One more..ipdiye.. I read 6-7 more..Finally, my patience threshold put me a full stop!! No More Priya...'Idhuku mela padichu ne siripa'nnu nenachaa nee muttaal :)-

Enn yaa.. "Vaay vittu sirikka"nnu appattamaa pulukareenga!! Oru smile kooda varleye :)

En.. Naan Mattum !!!

Well, indha posta paathu oru smileaavadhu udunga.. atleast, idha kaasu kuduthu vaanginavanga (paavam sangeetha) vayatherichalukkellam oru cooling factoraa irukum..I am not mad at her for giving this book to me.. Paavam ava..yaarukaavadhu sirupu varaadhaannu nenachu dhaan kuduthirupaa :)-

Saturday, June 07, 2008

8 facts about me !!

1. "Aarva kolaru"/ "Hyper enthu"/ "Passionate" alias Priya. Paatu keka kathuka pudikum, cook panna pudikum, drama nadika pudikum, research panna pudikum, teaching pudikum, tamizh padika pudikum, ayur vedam pudikum, slokam kathuka pudikum, handicraft panna pudikum, oor sutha pudikum..the list goes on..One is no less than the other!!

But of late, I am in control holding my wings. Romba serious phase of my lifeaa theriyardhu !!

2. I have a deceptive look. Worries are inherent in me.. "Ippo edhukku kavalai padalaamnnu yosichu yosichu kavalai paduven"nnu close friends pesikaraanga. But as such, my looks would be as though I have no worries. "Hi-bye" friends always ask "how come you are always smiling" :)-

3. I am a tamil paithiyam..I will go crazy if I don't listen to tamil atleast for 1/2 hr a day.. Initially I had friends around to talk in tamil. At el paso, just 2 people know tamil. So, TV serial, radio idhellaam atleast 1 hraavadhu paapen, kepen.

4. I will die if I cannot eat southindian food for a week. Even before a big deadline, I will cook and eat. Otherwise, I feel useless, energyless, enthuless and passionless.

5. I can talk non-stop.. not just bland..with tone modulation etc. and I am one among the few who can feel something called jaw-pain due to excess talking. El pasola it happens less frequently..probably once in 2 months or so :)- But, believe me !! I am extremely hesitant and shy to talk with anybody new for the first time. I hate the first-time meet with anybody..extremely embarrasing.

6. I dont hold grudges. Not that I am too good but I am very forgetful. Again, I have a deceptive smart look (makkal solraanga!!) that I dont project it that way and very few people can notice that I am very forgetful.

7. I have reasonably good perseverance than a lot of people. Well, I like to initiate a lot of things with a group of people- a side effect of aarva kolaru. Even when things are not moving the way it should be, I have lots of perseverance to wait for the right time to execute and not close anything down without results !! I always want to handover the initiated thing to the most passionate person in that group- for me to venture into other stuff. In other words, I always want to be a kind-maker and not the king !!

8. I am such a slow reader that no body can ever imagine. English or tamil, It takes me forever to read anything. Naan padichu neenga kettaa nondhuduveenga..I would like to rather listen and not read!!

9. I have fear of height, fear of water, fear of climbing steps down (part of fear of height), fear of losing things -money, flight ticket etc., fear of getting lost in a crowd and I constantly get many other fears in the form of nightmares. Of course, I get weird and vivid dreams and I talk during sleep.

Appaada 9 facts vandhuduchu!! Well, one is extra.. Adha padikum bodhu choicela

Okay now I tag sendhil, pk, arun, aravind and Indian angel

Mnemonics in your life !!

Well, all of us would have used mnemonics to remember important things during education or job or elsewhere !! You know..when you accidentally recollect some of them, it's so much fun!! Orae Malarum Ninaivugal!!

Well, why not initiate a tag and pass on the pleasure !!

Okay..recollect what mnemonic or abbreviations that you created or used to remember important things in your life. Try giving out 3 of them !!

Let me give mine!!

1. OILRIG: I am in a biochemical toxicology lab and I am supposed to know what is oxidation and what is reduction in terms of electrons. I can never remember how many ever times I learn, until I started used OILRIG- Oxidation Is Loss of electrons and Reduction Is Gain of electrons

2. During my bachelors in pharmacy,when you prepare medicines, using 2 phases, in class, they are in different forms such as emulsion, aerosol etc.

When 2 different phases (dispersed phase or continuous phase) are mixed together, the resulting product has a different outcome. For eg: when a liquid is mixed with a liquid, its an "emulsion". When a solid is mixed with solid it is called "solid sol" whereas when a solid is mixed with gas, it forms aerosol..

It was tough to remember. I created a tune to remember this. It goes like this

solid + solid = solid sol (laala laala laala laa)
solid liquid sol (laala laala laa)
solid gas aerosol (laala la laaalaa)
liquid solid gel (laala laala laa)
liquid liquid emulsion (laala laala laalaalaa)
liquid gas liquidaerosol (..)
gas solid solid foam (..)
gas liquid foam (..)
gas gas n/a (..)

3. Do you remember how electrons fill in the orbital s, p,d, f.
Somehow, I had to use that in every stage of life though I do not belong to that field at all. So, I memorized that like a song !!

Well, such mnemonics were not unusual even in olden days. I remember my paati singing thiruvaaimozhi (4000 divyaprabhandham) and end with the first syllable of every stanza .."the author"thiruvadigale charanam (say like thirumangaiaazwar thiruvadigale charanam)
And that is how I remember the few songs that I picked up from her !!

Well, I tag Subha, Prabu Karthik, Arun, Badhri

Okay.. neenga sollunga..I will try to understand your mnemonics of your field :)-