Thursday, December 31, 2009

2009-Last day

Well, 2009 has been a spicy /speedy year for me. From the mode of "Nothing Ever Changes in my Life", a lot of things "moved on" in my life in 2009.  Many of my goals/dream got fulfilled.  In fact, I reaped the fruits for all my efforts this year - closure for a lot of my ambitions/dreams in my life and it's time to begin many new things.

Amazing things that finally happened:
1. Got my PhD in Biological sciences- a big...satisfying..relief..whatever.. I am done !!
2. Brought my parents to US for graduation on my own- a dream came true !!
3. Got myself the gift I wanted all these years, a car (although, i could not find a white one) -Hyundai Sonata - the gift I cherish every day. It's my love!!
4. Got my first publication followed by 3 more- all in the same year - well, I am not that bad..I can publish...he he.. 
5. Finally...Visited New York, Chicago, Los Angeles and Las Vegas. Oooh.. that was God's gift. It does not happen in an year!!
6. Finally..started Horse Riding Lessons- a beginning !!
7. Learned Metal Embossing and Crochet - a stress relieving hobby that I could not identify all these years!!

On the downside..well probably for my good..
1. I have been on job hunt for almost 10 months in 2009 - Lived in an anxious mode for long.
2. I had to move to 3 apartments within 8 months - I am an expert in packing and unpacking.
3. For the first time, I borrowed money :).. Its not that hard to sleep :)
4. I tried to keep up my enthu levels but I rate myself to be "below average" this year. Well, next year will be definitely better than this.

A satisfying year with high levels of mental stress - yet managed to accomplish a lot of my dreams. Well, I think it's pre-destined !!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Do people hate texas?

A friend of mine was passing sarcastic comments about southern states of US..esp. on texas. Well, he is also an asian and had never lived in Texas. I could imagine the look he had in his face when he said that over phone. I have seen such looks from few other friends in northern states as well. Well, what is wrong with southern states..texas or arizona or california.  The idea he got should probably be from what he reads and what he heard about Texas. I seriously want to know why people hate texas?

I have been in texas for 3.5 years . I am not a supporter of aggies or longhorns..or any thing.  Well, one thing that is sure is we have white and mexican population. There is english and spanish..and that makes things a little more complicated in getting a lot of things done. There is a different texan accent.  But that is not new to an asian whose mom and dad does not deal with things in english. Multilingual things are so common in india. People probably forget where they are from. There is more history and cultural heritage than many other states. So, there are more chances of having pride about the revolution and past war stuff.  Plus, everything is big here. Yeh.. definitely people are proud of being texans here. Most importantly, people in most cities of texas (even the uneducated ones) respect others. My friends who visited me here and I found people in el paso, austin and san antonio to be much more helpful and friendly than KY (where we lived). Well, I dont know if the logo " Dont mess with texas" bothers people. My friend was like "There is nothing in texas..very hot..people with accents..huh.." After all, if this guy got a job here, he would probably not say all this.

I am not sure if my comment is valid as I live almost near New Mexico. But after I move to San Antonio, I will revisit this question. Meanwhile, please let me know if you have comments.

The thing that bothers me is how can people look down at a place (with superior feeling) without even staying in there.  Is it the racist feeling against mexicans ? Why people want to imagine US with snow, rain and green only?

Well, I still cannot counter argue that WA is always rainy..suicidal sun...gloomy..No body can live there..etc.  I think probably it may be good if you start living in there. Anyways..

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Random Rambling

Avatar 3D
Well.. talk of the town..everywhere.. I thought it was a great time pass. Sincerely, I think I can never watch it the second time. Boring after 1/2 hr..But, picked up after a while..Things I liked was no weirdness..Very clear screen play (for a sci-fic) to follow even to a lay person like me who does not read about movies before going to one... Well, every now and then, I was trying to see without glasses..Trying to think what can be made more creative.  I have no big idea about techie advancements although I thought that a lot of scenes looked spectacular..Sincerely, this is what I thought. But after reading blogs and reviews, I am surprised how people loved it so much than usual. hmm..

This is my first christmas (in my life) when I am not a student but an employee.  No exams..No deadlines..But still in a job..Feels good but dont know what to do. Thought of every kid (of my friends) I know in US. Acknowledged them  Well, I do something like that for Navrathri even otherwise. Still, I want to do something else. Well, thought of people whom I made friends in 2009..esp. those who enriched my life. Acknowledged them by sending cards.. Well, planning to make it more different - Guess...Vegas is the solution.

Maargazhi - learning is tough
Failed every december since 2007. This year..hoping to be successful in understanding/memorizing the meaning of Thiruppaavai. Definitely, I am not ritualistic. Perhaps, in a way..being ritualistic would have helped me learn long ago. Sticking to reading one a day is the most stupid idea to do in december. It's the time of holidays..It's the month you get easily carried away by celebrations..I learned this lesson in 2008 and I am cautious now.. Anyways..

Thursday, December 03, 2009

Musical Gatorade for Restlessness

               Well, technically this post has to be under Aanmeegham section. Somehow, I feel that this post should benefit anybody who wants to relax - you may or may not be religious. Few years ago, when I visited a friend's place in lex and complaining about my irritation/restlessness, this roommate of my friend casually told me to listen to "Subramanya Bhujangam". He also gave me an mp3 version sung by Anuradha Krishnamurthy. During the same time, I also heard the same from my dear friend/ex-roomie S. Subramanya Bhujangam verses were a spontaneous out-pouring of Adi Shankara at Thiruchendur. Well, I don't know if its just the words or rhythm or the voice -it was/is stunningly powerful. Like any ordinary person, I put it on in the background when I get restless or annoyed or upset. It gave me an immediate energy- some sort of hope, courage and strength.
               These days, I am trying to memorize/learn the verses. It gives more than just energy and courage - some pleasure out from those verses as well. Adi Shankar's verses are so simple and elegant. I have no words rather no capabilities to comment on the beauty of the verses. Sometimes, I feel it has nothing to even to do with Lord Karthikeya or any form of God..But, definitely, it is more than that..cosmic..spiritual..higher energy..whatever you want to call it. At times, I feel that usage of certain words can even take you to a different level from your mind...Can't even explain what I am thinking.Anyways

                Listen to this by Anuradha Krishnamurthy. Btw, this singer (Acted as a doctor in one of the tamil-serials, arasi I guess..don't know her name in that) has so much of that "divine looks" that she is like a junior MS amma.

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Maatram.. Thadumaatram.. Kootram kaanaa unmai!!

When we grow old, we have to deal with too many things..change is inevitable..restlessness and fatigue as well !!  Few lines..

En Vazhvinil dhan ethanai nadappugal !

Ethanai vaaypugal.. ethanai maaruthalgal
Oru muduvuku varummum matroru aarambam

Manap Palagaiyil ezhudhi ezhudhi azhithu azhithu
Sunnambu innum theeravillai
Silamurai  ezhuthum bodhe azhikkappadum
Ezhudhi azhithup pazhagukiren -irupinum
Ovvoru muraiyum pudhiya urchagam !
Idhu nilaika naan paadupaduven ennum urudhimozhi
Ithanai manapayirchiyum enaku mattumo

Oor ulagathilo
Maaruthalukku oppari vaikum maandhar
Enaku mattum en ithanai nadappugal?

Indha azhithu ezhudhum anubavam
anaithum enna dhaan solkinrana..Ennai
Uyarathil utkara vaika podam podum vaaipo..sirapo


MaNappalagai kaaviyathin maanbinai ariyavo
Thadumaatram illadhu mudivugal edukavo


Kootram kaanaa unmaiyai onru ulladhendru
Kuriyaai ullathuku unarthavo

Kadavulin kanakinai kandarindhavarum undo !!

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Tasty Simmer Sauce !!

         People who knew me well enough, will clearly get surprised seeing this post. I am this person who cooks anything and everything right from the scratch.  I don't (rather can't) compromise on the taste of any food and I hate most of the already cooked/ready made indian food items -no idli maavu or no ready-cans and esp. no frozen-ready made packets. However, I keep buying every frozen ready Indian food almost from every brand just to see if I like any of them. Most of the times, its disappointing. Recently, I found the 'simmer sauce' from the brand "Seeds of Change" in an organic store. I bought "Madras Simmer Sauce" and "Korma Simmer Sauce". To my surprise, they were amazing. Madras simmer sauce is a gravy with most spices plus onions and tomato. Korma is this slight yellow coconut-containing lucknowi paste.  It can be used with rice or naan. It does not smell of any preservative like most frozen or ready-made food. Avasarathuku udhavum arumai paste :)

Monday, November 23, 2009

Where is my Pride

Every semester, my prof. gives me a chance to teach some lectures in freshmen biology. Students like my teaching, approach and things and over the years, I have gained the pride that I am doing a good job. I noticed that students who sat in the first few rows listen properly. They even recognize me on the road and talk to me.

This year, my boss wanted me to teach DNA repair and damage after the genetics and cell cycle lectures.  Thats something that I hate to even listen, while I was a student. I used to dose off so much during those lectures. I was a bit upset and I still managed to prepare for the class. The lecture went okay. However, I was a bit shocked.. I noticed that the guy (in the first row) who used to listen with so much joy during the prev. lectures was dosing like anything. For the first time, my pride fell off. Could not take it easy for a while... Tried to console myself that " I have done that.." "the subject is so boring like that" etc..Came home with a lost feeling..Felt like I failed...Shared this feel to a friend. His one-line comment was incredible. All he said was 'I realize that Neeyum oru thaai Priya' :)-

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Yesterday, I called up my phone company to resolve an issue. There was this customer service representative who started the conversation with a dashing energy. Well, I was happy that it's not one of those mid-30's woman talking with a fatigue tone. With cheer, I greeted him and continued. Initially, I thought that this guy was a bit loud and I was thinking if I can change any set-up in the office phone to reduce the loudness. OMG!! I realized that his loudness increased gradually so much that I almost forgot that he was polite and helpful. I wasn't sure if I can tell him to reduce his loudness. But with his accent and stress on syllables, I felt that there was a nuclear explosion on my left ear and I was almost deaf. Then, I put my phone down on table and still I could speak to him with no need of speakers. My heart was pumping so fast with his loudness.
That's when I realized "I am an energy person as well. I get excited sometimes on phone. What if  I am too loud for somebody.. what if the other person is just bearing with me. I don't want that "  If any of my friends read this post, please let me know if I am loud. OMG!! It was awful to bear that!

Tuesday, November 03, 2009


A very interesting read at Prabhu's Blog about Pattinathar. Awaiting the next post(s)!!

Monday, November 02, 2009

Strange things continue...

Last..but not the least thing ..well sorry for the cliche..I got another job offer from a totally unexpected lab and place this evening!!

Clearly, its a lovely day!!

Strange day

Today is a strange day in all sense. I dont know what is happening to me. And What is happening around me as well. I am here sitting and day dreaming..and I hear that my third-first author paper is accepted with no revision or corrections in a reasonably okay journal in less than a week. Straight through..

And its very strange that I am blogging all posting 3 posts on just one -day, that too during day time :)

Well, clearly everything is strange !!

Aanantha Vali

Okie.. I kicked myself out from the journal club. Mind is in a mood to just narrate..

Karavaipasu kanrukku paal-soerum pozhudhil
Paravaip palavum paadum pozhuthil - en
Varavai satre edhir noekki irundha
Kudhiraiyin mael naanum thaava , thaaviyadhu
Katrai alavu kudookalamum thaanae!! Munpiravi
Uraivai arindhadhu pol meyunardhu kuthiraiyo (ennaik)
Kuzhandhai yena karuthi karu neelavaanil
Kathirait thodum alavu thooki erindhu pidikka
Iravaik kadandhum meymarandhu makizhndhen

Kulirinaik kaaranam katti
Mayilinaipol irai thedaadhu
Thuyil aNai mael kanvalarndhu – Oodhiya
Udalininil unarum vilaiyaattu vali…anre Sonnen.. Aanandha Vali

A strange but pleasant monday morning!!

A very happy monday morning inspite of the fact that I have not prepared for the journal club yet.
A cup of oatmeal with some music... My picks with fav. lines today are here.. You can watch if you don't care about the awful dance but you can definitely LISTEN.

1. En Piravaa mazhalaigai un vizhiyi paarkiren
Naan ezhudha kavithaigalai un mozhiyil ketkiraen..
Song 1

2. Nenjae Nenjae sellayo avanodu...sendraal varamaatai adhu dhaane perum paadu
Song 2

3. Ada vinnum mannum unakulla vilambaramo..Ne velichathil seythu veitha oli chirpamo
Song 3

4. I am a big fan of this up coming actress..these days after the movie Naan Kadavul.
Song 4
Well...I get reminded of this when I listened to this song.. Most of you must have listened to this long time ago. If not, just listen. This is not the full version. Need to search and find out..anyways..

After a beautiful morning..hope, I dont get kicked out from the meeting this noon :)

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Ride on a horse..

People always asked me " What is your favorite pet animal?". As such, I had no solid answer. Well, I tried to think and then say " there is nothing like that". I had told that few times. Once, I gave a deep thinking. Well, I am okay with dogs..I am okay when they lick me and put their fore legs on me. I can just say "Dogs" if somebody really wants me to pick a pet. What about Cats?Actually I have spent more time with cats esp. in my cousin badhri 's place. They had 2-3 generations of cats. Badhri's grandma was affectionately taking care of the cats that we call her either badhri paati or poonai paati. Even after all that, I am so scared of cats...their eyes plus the tales that I hear from all 3 cousins about how they eat their own kuttis..its soft their hair giving asthma issues..Whatever..Ironically, all my ex-roomies loved cats and they had wall hangings, jigsaws of cat's picture.

So, what do I like? My deep thinking came up with 2 and cow. I was so surprised at my own self..why do you like to be around them..No strong logic..I have no idea why I like cow.

Well, with horses.. may be.. because we had this horse carriage (Kuthirai vandi) rides from the St. Thomas Mount Railway station to Surendran nagar every now and then. I loved to take the carriage rides when young. Later, in lexington, the horse capital of the world, I got to see various breeds of horses. There were so many things happening around in kentucky. Every street was named after a horse that won races like Kentucky derby, triple crown, horse carriage races..what not. During that time, a silent wave of thought used to pass through my head. "Well, horses look nice but we cannot afford to have them. Its for rich people or people who do racing". Later in my life, when my PhD studies werenot going right, I was asked to pray Lord Hayagriva (horse-faced God who is thought to be teacher for Goddess sarawathi. It became a routine for me to chant Hayagriva stotram standing in front of a small photo pic of horse-face God and in about an year, I got a big photo of Hayagriva. About an year ago, I was in this junk shop looking for handicraft stuff and I found a nice, well sculptured Horse doll. Did not know why I bought that. But I see that I admire looking at it like anything. I liked horses to an extent that, once when somebody asked what kind of guy do you get attracted to, my quick-answer was "He should be like a horse" and my answer made many of my friends laugh right away.

Two weeks ago, some body asked about pets and the same wave of thought passed through "Well, horses look nice but we cannot afford to have them". Then I was like.. "Wait a minute, you are in El Paso, a place where people take horses for desert-hiking". May be, you can try to learn horse-riding. I asked about this to my lab-mate and she said "Well, if you are not scared, try taking lessons". With confidence, I was like" It's not as scary as swimming or bungie jumping!!". I did a thorough search on the same day and found a place to go for taking lessons during the weekend. Promptly, I reached the place to learn horseback riding. It was so amazing to learn what horse wants. Horses do not want somebody on it who is scared. He(It) wants a leader to lead him. I had to walk, climb and sit like Bharathiyar Pudhumai Penn (Modern Girl) "Nimirndha nannadai, nerkonda paarvai, thimirndha seruku (without gyanam..he he)". My mind got quick flashes of Jhansi Rani..Actress Vaijayanthi Mala in the movie "Penn" in the song "akila bharatha pengal thilakamaai", Raja Raja Cholan, Alexander the great and the 10th avatar "Kalki". With so much inner happiness, I got on the horse and did 3 rounds with the teacher's guidance. Believe me, I never have derived this much pleasure. And I got some relief of my back pain during that time.

At home, I hear a lot of tamil sayings with horses. Amma always said "Run in life like a horse"and also used sayings like "Dont be a stone on the way while the horse is heading forward (oodum kudhiraikku kaaluka kallu)" "In life, its not how fast you run (like a horse) but how well you can get along with the Jockey and keep up with running"Blah blah..blah

It took me this many years to identify what animal I like. A lot of times, we have a mind-block to not proceed with what we wish to do. We think "No I have no time now.. I have no facility available..its not affordable..I will do it after my life is a bit relaxed or after my workload gets reduced." Now, I am a firm believer that it will never happen until we really look for it. If we can think out of the box and if we really want it, we can see that things are right next to us. Well, may be, one day I will also buy a horse.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Moving thoughts

I am moving :)
I had this "going to finish..just finished degree..need to find the next position" periods wherein I felt I don't know how to be enthusiastic anymore. There was nothing that was moving on around me.
After months and months of job hunt for a position that I am really interested in, I have finally made a job decision to move forward. Yeh.. in about 3 months, I will become a resident of San Antonio-still a Texan. This period seems to be like a golden period - a period when you know that you are going to join a position that you would want to...a period with a lot of dreams..lots of plan (well, I love planning)..anticipation. The smile and enthusiasm in my life is springing up.
My hobbies are getting some life and are trying to recollect me, rather. Mind is as fresh as a dewdrop before sunrise on a plant...Hard to explain..anyways..

I will be moving again :(
I never ever want to change apartments. But it happens so naturally even within the same city..Now, this will be 11th move in the last 7 years. I am so used to moving and packing.
Despite of the fact that people keep complaining about me for not visiting them, I am always visiting places.. DC(Nov 2008), Lexington, Pittsburgh, Louisville, Nashville (Dec and Jan2009), Chicago (Feb 2009), Baltimore (Mar 2009), New Orleans (Apr 2009), Grand Canyon, Newyork, Niagara..etc (May 2009), New Mexico (Jun 2009), Phoenix and LA (Sep 2009), San Antonio (Oct 2009). Well, I am also used to visiting and I hope and wish that the visits continue :)

I will miss El Paso

Well, after 3 years of stay at El Paso.. after cursing El Paso for a long period for its no-green desert landscape, I have started seeing the beauty-part since an year. Stand anywhere at El Paso, you will be surrounded by mountains for atleast 320 degrees. Its amazing..I will definitely miss the natural cool breeze throughout the year - even when the temperature is above 100 F, the air is cool. This is the place where I learned to control my backache issues through yoga. I am definitely grateful to this city as the people around have always given me a relaxing and friendly atmosphere, although I had created my own tensions. Three years ago (till july 2006), I never knew where El Paso is in the map. But, this is the city which made me focus on my project and gave me a doctorate, finally. Probably, I may not miss the multi-cultural aspect (as I might see that in San Antonio also) of El Paso. However, this is the first city where I made friends with a lot of local public.. like in the bus shops..restaurants. Infact, people even know what I will order in their place. I will definitely miss my local friends so much !!

So, what.. I am still near mountains
Well, Rockfort, Pallavaram, St. Thomas Mount, Pilani(Pahaadi), Lexington, El Paso and San Antonio. The common thing in my life is my place of living is always surrounded by hills. May be its just in my mind. Well, technically, as like an olden-day tamilian, I can claim that Kurinji Nilam (Region in and around mountains) is where I live. As it is Soora Samharam tomorrow, let me recollect the lord of Kurunji Nilam, Lord Karthikeya and bow him to grant everybody all the good boons.

Happy Kandha Shasti/ Soora Samharam !!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

The Original "Nashaa yeh pyar kaa"

A couple of weeks ago, while in the universal studios -LA, I heard this original tune of "Nasha hai pyar ka". This was much better than the hindi one.

Watch here !!

For Lyrics

Like Jagan says in the comment, I am adding the hindi-version here for comparison

Sunday, August 30, 2009

My home town

Ananthakrishnapuram - a small village in Thirunelveli - this is the place where Grandpa was living. Happy to see this article..

Friday, August 14, 2009

Wondering if there is any such common usage..

' I was wondering if you have processed this or had a look at this'

'I am curious to know what is happening at your end on this'

'I appreciate you guys for all the services provided to us'

Well, if you are living in U.S, try to count the number of times you use these or such polished statements every day. Focus on the wondering...curious..appreciate part...It's funny to literally translate and use them in colloquial tamil..I am not criticizing such usage in english.. In fact, it works here.

Well, again, I was just simply wondering how many times we use such statements to give a push on things/ have a impact on others to get something done/ have gotten something done :) hmm..

Can you guys think of any equivalent tamil phrases commonly used like that to push things on other's table (well, I do not mean the literally translated junoon tamil-like phrases ) !!

Thursday, August 06, 2009

Summer in a desert ! Camphor helps!

It is not just awful to bear with the heat in a desert !! Its more than that- the insects, moths, bugs, ants, flies. Poor creatures!! I feel sorry for all these creatures as they can’t put up with the heat. But, I am not good enough to accommodate them at my home :) Initially, I thought I alone had this problem of insects and bugs. Now, I hear tales from people in lab, office as well as in my yoga class. I managed to get an apartment that is supposedly free from any such insects. But…I am not allowed to keep the doors open even for a while. Getting reminded of Chennai !! It has never been this bad in El Paso earlier. Well, I purchased different varieties of sprays and sadly, I am killing them as I cannot put up with the itch and fear-feel. I also had to get the anti-itch creams. Surprisingly (which I should not be, as I am a pharmacy student), I found that the main ingredient in camphor was the ingredient in these creams.

Few days ago, when I was near the swami-prayer area, I realized that my mom had given me some camphor which I never ever used for any aarathi purpose. I thought I should probably use it in the traditional way like how it is used at home – taking to all the corners..shown to all swami padam..that way I spread its vapors all over the room. I did that (in the name of God reciting slokam) for a couple of days. To my surprise, there is less itch and hardly any insect...Camphor and God worked together on the issue.

Hmm..I have heard that people used it for this purpose earlier but until I tried it recently, I had no great feel for the concept!!

Monday, August 03, 2009

Good Time !!

Just can't believe this.. Never I was this lucky.. all within one week !!

At a coffee shop !
Myself and Ms. BR did not bring lunch last wednesday and so, we thought we will get a salad, cookies..and a smothie as lunch. While we were in queue, a girl who was standing behind me offered to pay for us. She has some money ($ 800) to be spent with August 1st like in Arunaachalam and so, she wanted to pay for us. Why us alone ?? Still a mystery!! Did we look that pathetic :( Anyways.. Free food after a long time...We had it.

At Babo's!
My yoga instructor invited me to go along with her family for outing to a gaming place. Although I am not much on playing any video game / car games / throw games, I was there with them in a queue to get some coins for minimum value. i.e 2 coins for $ 1.5. Everybody before me got 2 coins for $1.5. When it was my turn, this guy gave me 6 coins for the same money. I was like " Why me" He said " Have fun" :)- !
I moved to an apartment in March and I applied for free gift card from for this move. I did not hear anything till now. When I recently moved to another apt this week, I get a $ 100 dollar from them.

Neram Nalla neram !!

Thursday, July 09, 2009

Tring... Tring...dishyum... dishyum

Well, it has been a while that I muttered in a blog about anything..Today I really have to!!
I woke up with a call..Wondering who was this.. Did not pick up as it was a new number..Brushed and hurried to listen to the voice mail. A voice message from some local insurance company " hmm.. these days they are hunting people even through cell phone". Anyways..Started getting ready for work..While in shower, another missed call. Local number but no voice mail. Did not bother to find who was that!! Reached university and while locking the car and picking the bags, another call. As I had too many things in hands, could not pick up..Missed call..Voice mail from Dominos pizza..hmmm.. Around lunch time, another call..this time I picked the phone. Somebody from kentucky. Wrong number...In the evening, another call..Call for Ms.Claritha..Well it is not me..anyways...Tired of calls..How can there be a day with just missed calls and wrong calls. Well, above all..during dinner, I left the phone in my friends purse and came home empty handed.

What is wrong today!!!

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Wanna a degree in tamizh??

If you are somebody who aim to do higher studes in tamizh - online, Visit this site. You can do it from where ever you are !!! Also, in this link, you get to see what are the universities that offer studies in Tamizh!!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Makkale.. Vandhu oru Hi sollunga!!

I am finally back after a llong time..A lot of things happened...(If you know me) you know that I graduated finally with a doctoral degree...In the mean time, invited parents..My parents visited me from India for 2 months. Had a great time..esp. sama saapadu..chance sun tv, kv tv.... Learned a lot of things from ideas..showed them new stuff..We went to Newyork, Niagara, Pittsburgh, Kentucky, Ohio, Grand canyon..etc..Orae suthals..It was a give and take trip for each one of us. But. I have to definitely admit that I missed the blogging world and friends..Just thought I will get back here..

Makkale..vandhu oru Hi sollunga !!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Getting back..

Hey guys

Coming back to blog after a while..nearly 3 months..Well, to those of you who do not know, I finished my Ph.D this December (2008). I am finally done. Just can’t believe that the purpose of my visit to U.S is accomplished. Although I cannot feel a doctor in me, I feel so relieved for getting done, with all the hurdles I faced and all the labs that I changed. Now, when I come to write this post, I feel like I am more of a serious, mature person (which I am not).

Coming to talk about Ph.D, I think PhD just needs patience and perseverance and not that much of intelligence or hardwork as what people think. And if you are a go-getter, it helps (it is not a must to be so) and you can do how many ever PhD’s you want. Plus, you get to see how amazingly you can apply your thinking abilities in day-to-day life (some people think you are a little crazy.. he he) as long as you are not a book worm and would like to have a social world. Overall, weighing the pros and cons, I think it is a positive experience for me.

With this,, I am welcoming myself to blogging again.. he he..