Sunday, February 15, 2009

Getting back..

Hey guys

Coming back to blog after a while..nearly 3 months..Well, to those of you who do not know, I finished my Ph.D this December (2008). I am finally done. Just can’t believe that the purpose of my visit to U.S is accomplished. Although I cannot feel a doctor in me, I feel so relieved for getting done, with all the hurdles I faced and all the labs that I changed. Now, when I come to write this post, I feel like I am more of a serious, mature person (which I am not).

Coming to talk about Ph.D, I think PhD just needs patience and perseverance and not that much of intelligence or hardwork as what people think. And if you are a go-getter, it helps (it is not a must to be so) and you can do how many ever PhD’s you want. Plus, you get to see how amazingly you can apply your thinking abilities in day-to-day life (some people think you are a little crazy.. he he) as long as you are not a book worm and would like to have a social world. Overall, weighing the pros and cons, I think it is a positive experience for me.

With this,, I am welcoming myself to blogging again.. he he..