Thursday, July 09, 2009

Tring... Tring...dishyum... dishyum

Well, it has been a while that I muttered in a blog about anything..Today I really have to!!
I woke up with a call..Wondering who was this.. Did not pick up as it was a new number..Brushed and hurried to listen to the voice mail. A voice message from some local insurance company " hmm.. these days they are hunting people even through cell phone". Anyways..Started getting ready for work..While in shower, another missed call. Local number but no voice mail. Did not bother to find who was that!! Reached university and while locking the car and picking the bags, another call. As I had too many things in hands, could not pick up..Missed call..Voice mail from Dominos pizza..hmmm.. Around lunch time, another call..this time I picked the phone. Somebody from kentucky. Wrong number...In the evening, another call..Call for Ms.Claritha..Well it is not me..anyways...Tired of calls..How can there be a day with just missed calls and wrong calls. Well, above all..during dinner, I left the phone in my friends purse and came home empty handed.

What is wrong today!!!


krishnaraj said...

Well, am blessed in this as I have no mobile.
People wonder how come in this world you are without this gadget (even my school going niece and nephew are having it). My answer for them is I have two landlines and around the clock net connection in my office at my disposal and one in my house.
On Sundays I will be at library and I do not want to be disturbed by anyone.

In 2001 I had it for some months and found that indeed it is of no use to me - atleast to me.

I strongly belive that if it’s not for me then it will never reach me and if it’s for me then it will reach me at any of the way.

I follow the same logic/belief while riding too – ride so coolly without any hurry burry.
I go by bike from Pondicherry to Ooty at a sinlge stretch from there to Mysore via Mudumalai forest (some 1200km in 5days).

Oh! It becomes more of a ‘suya puranam’ than a reply :-)

Nothing wrong !
Everything is fine this day !!!

Maayaa said...

ha ha ha.. well, thats okay..Its interesting !!