Thursday, August 06, 2009

Summer in a desert ! Camphor helps!

It is not just awful to bear with the heat in a desert !! Its more than that- the insects, moths, bugs, ants, flies. Poor creatures!! I feel sorry for all these creatures as they can’t put up with the heat. But, I am not good enough to accommodate them at my home :) Initially, I thought I alone had this problem of insects and bugs. Now, I hear tales from people in lab, office as well as in my yoga class. I managed to get an apartment that is supposedly free from any such insects. But…I am not allowed to keep the doors open even for a while. Getting reminded of Chennai !! It has never been this bad in El Paso earlier. Well, I purchased different varieties of sprays and sadly, I am killing them as I cannot put up with the itch and fear-feel. I also had to get the anti-itch creams. Surprisingly (which I should not be, as I am a pharmacy student), I found that the main ingredient in camphor was the ingredient in these creams.

Few days ago, when I was near the swami-prayer area, I realized that my mom had given me some camphor which I never ever used for any aarathi purpose. I thought I should probably use it in the traditional way like how it is used at home – taking to all the corners..shown to all swami padam..that way I spread its vapors all over the room. I did that (in the name of God reciting slokam) for a couple of days. To my surprise, there is less itch and hardly any insect...Camphor and God worked together on the issue.

Hmm..I have heard that people used it for this purpose earlier but until I tried it recently, I had no great feel for the concept!!


krishnaraj said...

“I feel sorry for all these creatures.... ”
Yes, indeed every one of us feels so, until we are affected by them :-)

“I am not good enough to accommodate them....”
I turned to be a vegetarian since 2000. Even not using leather products like belt, wallet and shoes etc. But, I couldn’t tolerate them when my clothes, books and households are tormented.

“until I tried it recently, I had no great feel for the concept!! ”
I heard long back:
When we are children, we think that our parents are well informed.
When we are in adolescence, we think that our parents do not know anything.
When we get older, we think that our parents are well informed.

R.Prabhu said...

Excellent finding! Our forefathers, did those things only after doing such research and we are just finding out the reasons to pass it on to our next generation. Hope those rationalist thinkers will get to understand at least, Camphor, if not God. Nice post!!!

Btw, my email id is rprabhu (dot) mca (at) gmail (dot) com.

Maayaa said...

hmm.. kirutiNaraasu.. ennavo ponga.

seri sonneenga ponga.. thanks prabhu