Thursday, October 22, 2009

Moving thoughts

I am moving :)
I had this "going to finish..just finished degree..need to find the next position" periods wherein I felt I don't know how to be enthusiastic anymore. There was nothing that was moving on around me.
After months and months of job hunt for a position that I am really interested in, I have finally made a job decision to move forward. Yeh.. in about 3 months, I will become a resident of San Antonio-still a Texan. This period seems to be like a golden period - a period when you know that you are going to join a position that you would want to...a period with a lot of dreams..lots of plan (well, I love planning)..anticipation. The smile and enthusiasm in my life is springing up.
My hobbies are getting some life and are trying to recollect me, rather. Mind is as fresh as a dewdrop before sunrise on a plant...Hard to explain..anyways..

I will be moving again :(
I never ever want to change apartments. But it happens so naturally even within the same city..Now, this will be 11th move in the last 7 years. I am so used to moving and packing.
Despite of the fact that people keep complaining about me for not visiting them, I am always visiting places.. DC(Nov 2008), Lexington, Pittsburgh, Louisville, Nashville (Dec and Jan2009), Chicago (Feb 2009), Baltimore (Mar 2009), New Orleans (Apr 2009), Grand Canyon, Newyork, Niagara..etc (May 2009), New Mexico (Jun 2009), Phoenix and LA (Sep 2009), San Antonio (Oct 2009). Well, I am also used to visiting and I hope and wish that the visits continue :)

I will miss El Paso

Well, after 3 years of stay at El Paso.. after cursing El Paso for a long period for its no-green desert landscape, I have started seeing the beauty-part since an year. Stand anywhere at El Paso, you will be surrounded by mountains for atleast 320 degrees. Its amazing..I will definitely miss the natural cool breeze throughout the year - even when the temperature is above 100 F, the air is cool. This is the place where I learned to control my backache issues through yoga. I am definitely grateful to this city as the people around have always given me a relaxing and friendly atmosphere, although I had created my own tensions. Three years ago (till july 2006), I never knew where El Paso is in the map. But, this is the city which made me focus on my project and gave me a doctorate, finally. Probably, I may not miss the multi-cultural aspect (as I might see that in San Antonio also) of El Paso. However, this is the first city where I made friends with a lot of local public.. like in the bus shops..restaurants. Infact, people even know what I will order in their place. I will definitely miss my local friends so much !!

So, what.. I am still near mountains
Well, Rockfort, Pallavaram, St. Thomas Mount, Pilani(Pahaadi), Lexington, El Paso and San Antonio. The common thing in my life is my place of living is always surrounded by hills. May be its just in my mind. Well, technically, as like an olden-day tamilian, I can claim that Kurinji Nilam (Region in and around mountains) is where I live. As it is Soora Samharam tomorrow, let me recollect the lord of Kurunji Nilam, Lord Karthikeya and bow him to grant everybody all the good boons.

Happy Kandha Shasti/ Soora Samharam !!

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Anonymous said...

Happy moving and best wishes for a new beginning at SA.