Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Yesterday, I called up my phone company to resolve an issue. There was this customer service representative who started the conversation with a dashing energy. Well, I was happy that it's not one of those mid-30's woman talking with a fatigue tone. With cheer, I greeted him and continued. Initially, I thought that this guy was a bit loud and I was thinking if I can change any set-up in the office phone to reduce the loudness. OMG!! I realized that his loudness increased gradually so much that I almost forgot that he was polite and helpful. I wasn't sure if I can tell him to reduce his loudness. But with his accent and stress on syllables, I felt that there was a nuclear explosion on my left ear and I was almost deaf. Then, I put my phone down on table and still I could speak to him with no need of speakers. My heart was pumping so fast with his loudness.
That's when I realized "I am an energy person as well. I get excited sometimes on phone. What if  I am too loud for somebody.. what if the other person is just bearing with me. I don't want that "  If any of my friends read this post, please let me know if I am loud. OMG!! It was awful to bear that!

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Anonymous said...

What would have happened if both of you were energetic and loud ? nalla vela athu nadakama irunthirku