Monday, November 23, 2009

Where is my Pride

Every semester, my prof. gives me a chance to teach some lectures in freshmen biology. Students like my teaching, approach and things and over the years, I have gained the pride that I am doing a good job. I noticed that students who sat in the first few rows listen properly. They even recognize me on the road and talk to me.

This year, my boss wanted me to teach DNA repair and damage after the genetics and cell cycle lectures.  Thats something that I hate to even listen, while I was a student. I used to dose off so much during those lectures. I was a bit upset and I still managed to prepare for the class. The lecture went okay. However, I was a bit shocked.. I noticed that the guy (in the first row) who used to listen with so much joy during the prev. lectures was dosing like anything. For the first time, my pride fell off. Could not take it easy for a while... Tried to console myself that " I have done that.." "the subject is so boring like that" etc..Came home with a lost feeling..Felt like I failed...Shared this feel to a friend. His one-line comment was incredible. All he said was 'I realize that Neeyum oru thaai Priya' :)-


Anonymous said...

When did you start teaching ? You should feel proud that you still have atleast a few students that listen to your lecture.

Maayaa said...

Podaaa.. unaku poraamai

krishnaraj said...

வாழ்க செண்பகம்!,

எழுதினால் எழுதிகிட்டே இருக்கீங்க இல்லனா இந்த பக்கமே வரமாட்றிங்க, ஆனா நான் நாளும் வருவேன்.

அண்மையில பின்னூட்டம் எதுவும் போடல, போடக்கூடாதுனுல்ல, ஆனா போடல :)
அதுக்காக பின்னூட்டமிடாமலே இருக்கலாமா...?

இந்த பதிவிற்கான என் பின்னூட்டம்... இதோ:

கடமையை செய் பலனை எதிர் பாராதே
- கிருட்டிணா :)

Maayaa said...

paravaa illa..pinnottam varaadhannu nenachu irudhadhu oru kaalam..ippo manasu adhai edhir paarpadhilla..vandhaa sandhosham dhaan!!