Thursday, December 31, 2009

2009-Last day

Well, 2009 has been a spicy /speedy year for me. From the mode of "Nothing Ever Changes in my Life", a lot of things "moved on" in my life in 2009.  Many of my goals/dream got fulfilled.  In fact, I reaped the fruits for all my efforts this year - closure for a lot of my ambitions/dreams in my life and it's time to begin many new things.

Amazing things that finally happened:
1. Got my PhD in Biological sciences- a big...satisfying..relief..whatever.. I am done !!
2. Brought my parents to US for graduation on my own- a dream came true !!
3. Got myself the gift I wanted all these years, a car (although, i could not find a white one) -Hyundai Sonata - the gift I cherish every day. It's my love!!
4. Got my first publication followed by 3 more- all in the same year - well, I am not that bad..I can publish...he he.. 
5. Finally...Visited New York, Chicago, Los Angeles and Las Vegas. Oooh.. that was God's gift. It does not happen in an year!!
6. Finally..started Horse Riding Lessons- a beginning !!
7. Learned Metal Embossing and Crochet - a stress relieving hobby that I could not identify all these years!!

On the downside..well probably for my good..
1. I have been on job hunt for almost 10 months in 2009 - Lived in an anxious mode for long.
2. I had to move to 3 apartments within 8 months - I am an expert in packing and unpacking.
3. For the first time, I borrowed money :).. Its not that hard to sleep :)
4. I tried to keep up my enthu levels but I rate myself to be "below average" this year. Well, next year will be definitely better than this.

A satisfying year with high levels of mental stress - yet managed to accomplish a lot of my dreams. Well, I think it's pre-destined !!

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