Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Do people hate texas?

A friend of mine was passing sarcastic comments about southern states of US..esp. on texas. Well, he is also an asian and had never lived in Texas. I could imagine the look he had in his face when he said that over phone. I have seen such looks from few other friends in northern states as well. Well, what is wrong with southern states..texas or arizona or california.  The idea he got should probably be from what he reads and what he heard about Texas. I seriously want to know why people hate texas?

I have been in texas for 3.5 years . I am not a supporter of aggies or longhorns..or any thing.  Well, one thing that is sure is we have white and mexican population. There is english and spanish..and that makes things a little more complicated in getting a lot of things done. There is a different texan accent.  But that is not new to an asian whose mom and dad does not deal with things in english. Multilingual things are so common in india. People probably forget where they are from. There is more history and cultural heritage than many other states. So, there are more chances of having pride about the revolution and past war stuff.  Plus, everything is big here. Yeh.. definitely people are proud of being texans here. Most importantly, people in most cities of texas (even the uneducated ones) respect others. My friends who visited me here and I found people in el paso, austin and san antonio to be much more helpful and friendly than KY (where we lived). Well, I dont know if the logo " Dont mess with texas" bothers people. My friend was like "There is nothing in texas..very hot..people with accents..huh.." After all, if this guy got a job here, he would probably not say all this.

I am not sure if my comment is valid as I live almost near New Mexico. But after I move to San Antonio, I will revisit this question. Meanwhile, please let me know if you have comments.

The thing that bothers me is how can people look down at a place (with superior feeling) without even staying in there.  Is it the racist feeling against mexicans ? Why people want to imagine US with snow, rain and green only?

Well, I still cannot counter argue that WA is always rainy..suicidal sun...gloomy..No body can live there..etc.  I think probably it may be good if you start living in there. Anyways..

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Zeppelin said...

why do people in some parts of India hate other parts of India??? I mean this geographically and absolutely not politically. (kandravi ellathukkum ippo ellam disclaimer poda vendiyadha irukku)

like like same same.. :-)