Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Random Rambling

Avatar 3D
Well.. talk of the town..everywhere.. I thought it was a great time pass. Sincerely, I think I can never watch it the second time. Boring after 1/2 hr..But, picked up after a while..Things I liked was no weirdness..Very clear screen play (for a sci-fic) to follow even to a lay person like me who does not read about movies before going to one... Well, every now and then, I was trying to see without glasses..Trying to think what can be made more creative.  I have no big idea about techie advancements although I thought that a lot of scenes looked spectacular..Sincerely, this is what I thought. But after reading blogs and reviews, I am surprised how people loved it so much than usual. hmm..

This is my first christmas (in my life) when I am not a student but an employee.  No exams..No deadlines..But still in a job..Feels good but dont know what to do. Thought of every kid (of my friends) I know in US. Acknowledged them  Well, I do something like that for Navrathri even otherwise. Still, I want to do something else. Well, thought of people whom I made friends in 2009..esp. those who enriched my life. Acknowledged them by sending cards.. Well, planning to make it more different - Guess...Vegas is the solution.

Maargazhi - learning is tough
Failed every december since 2007. This year..hoping to be successful in understanding/memorizing the meaning of Thiruppaavai. Definitely, I am not ritualistic. Perhaps, in a way..being ritualistic would have helped me learn long ago. Sticking to reading one a day is the most stupid idea to do in december. It's the time of holidays..It's the month you get easily carried away by celebrations..I learned this lesson in 2008 and I am cautious now.. Anyways..


Anonymous said...

Priya,I have some interesting info
for you.
The sounds "Tha","THI","THU","THE",
"THO" are sounds which dispel obstacles.

I learnt about it in an ancient book on Mantra Shastra.


1)The Kaappu slokam of the tamizh
Skandha shashti Kavacham
2)The actual Gayatri mantra
without the the 3 preceding Vyahrutis.

3)The very first stanza of the very first Thevaram song of
Thirugnyanasambandar at Seerkaazhi

4)the very first Kaapu slokam of
Kachchiyappa Sivaachaariyaar's
Tamizh Kandha Puraanam.

5)The Very first stanza of
Samkshepa Ramayana
6)The very first verse of
Aaditya Hrudhayam

Don't tell me that all these are
mere coincidences


Maayaa said...

I dont know.. By these examples plus mantra sastram, have you derived at this conclusion? or is it already told so??

Anonymous said...


I first saw this theory in a
book on Mantra Shasram. So I set about the task of finding out if
there are any examples for this theory.To my surprise I discovered that there are many slokams and
Mantrams that conform or follow this rule.

It is also mentioned that the sounds mentioned above have a
presiding deity.The presiding deity for these sounds happens to be Brahaspati or Devaguru.

The sounds "THA","THI","THU","THE",
"THO" are indeed very auspicious sounds.It is very clear that Kachchiyappa Sivaachariar,Sambandar,DEvaraya
Swamigal(who composed Shasti kavacham),Valmiki and Viswamitra
knew the intricacies of Mantra

Priya, your blogs are a reader's
delight.You have a certain
spontanity in your writings that
make it very interesting.Also they cover a wide range of topics.

Please keep up the good work.

God bless you.