Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Tasty Simmer Sauce !!

         People who knew me well enough, will clearly get surprised seeing this post. I am this person who cooks anything and everything right from the scratch.  I don't (rather can't) compromise on the taste of any food and I hate most of the already cooked/ready made indian food items -no idli maavu or no ready-cans and esp. no frozen-ready made packets. However, I keep buying every frozen ready Indian food almost from every brand just to see if I like any of them. Most of the times, its disappointing. Recently, I found the 'simmer sauce' from the brand "Seeds of Change" in an organic store. I bought "Madras Simmer Sauce" and "Korma Simmer Sauce". To my surprise, they were amazing. Madras simmer sauce is a gravy with most spices plus onions and tomato. Korma is this slight yellow coconut-containing lucknowi paste.  It can be used with rice or naan. It does not smell of any preservative like most frozen or ready-made food. Avasarathuku udhavum arumai paste :)


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