Sunday, August 30, 2009

My home town

Ananthakrishnapuram - a small village in Thirunelveli - this is the place where Grandpa was living. Happy to see this article..

Friday, August 14, 2009

Wondering if there is any such common usage..

' I was wondering if you have processed this or had a look at this'

'I am curious to know what is happening at your end on this'

'I appreciate you guys for all the services provided to us'

Well, if you are living in U.S, try to count the number of times you use these or such polished statements every day. Focus on the wondering...curious..appreciate part...It's funny to literally translate and use them in colloquial tamil..I am not criticizing such usage in english.. In fact, it works here.

Well, again, I was just simply wondering how many times we use such statements to give a push on things/ have a impact on others to get something done/ have gotten something done :) hmm..

Can you guys think of any equivalent tamil phrases commonly used like that to push things on other's table (well, I do not mean the literally translated junoon tamil-like phrases ) !!

Thursday, August 06, 2009

Summer in a desert ! Camphor helps!

It is not just awful to bear with the heat in a desert !! Its more than that- the insects, moths, bugs, ants, flies. Poor creatures!! I feel sorry for all these creatures as they can’t put up with the heat. But, I am not good enough to accommodate them at my home :) Initially, I thought I alone had this problem of insects and bugs. Now, I hear tales from people in lab, office as well as in my yoga class. I managed to get an apartment that is supposedly free from any such insects. But…I am not allowed to keep the doors open even for a while. Getting reminded of Chennai !! It has never been this bad in El Paso earlier. Well, I purchased different varieties of sprays and sadly, I am killing them as I cannot put up with the itch and fear-feel. I also had to get the anti-itch creams. Surprisingly (which I should not be, as I am a pharmacy student), I found that the main ingredient in camphor was the ingredient in these creams.

Few days ago, when I was near the swami-prayer area, I realized that my mom had given me some camphor which I never ever used for any aarathi purpose. I thought I should probably use it in the traditional way like how it is used at home – taking to all the corners..shown to all swami padam..that way I spread its vapors all over the room. I did that (in the name of God reciting slokam) for a couple of days. To my surprise, there is less itch and hardly any insect...Camphor and God worked together on the issue.

Hmm..I have heard that people used it for this purpose earlier but until I tried it recently, I had no great feel for the concept!!

Monday, August 03, 2009

Good Time !!

Just can't believe this.. Never I was this lucky.. all within one week !!

At a coffee shop !
Myself and Ms. BR did not bring lunch last wednesday and so, we thought we will get a salad, cookies..and a smothie as lunch. While we were in queue, a girl who was standing behind me offered to pay for us. She has some money ($ 800) to be spent with August 1st like in Arunaachalam and so, she wanted to pay for us. Why us alone ?? Still a mystery!! Did we look that pathetic :( Anyways.. Free food after a long time...We had it.

At Babo's!
My yoga instructor invited me to go along with her family for outing to a gaming place. Although I am not much on playing any video game / car games / throw games, I was there with them in a queue to get some coins for minimum value. i.e 2 coins for $ 1.5. Everybody before me got 2 coins for $1.5. When it was my turn, this guy gave me 6 coins for the same money. I was like " Why me" He said " Have fun" :)- !
I moved to an apartment in March and I applied for free gift card from for this move. I did not hear anything till now. When I recently moved to another apt this week, I get a $ 100 dollar from them.

Neram Nalla neram !!