Monday, November 23, 2009

Where is my Pride

Every semester, my prof. gives me a chance to teach some lectures in freshmen biology. Students like my teaching, approach and things and over the years, I have gained the pride that I am doing a good job. I noticed that students who sat in the first few rows listen properly. They even recognize me on the road and talk to me.

This year, my boss wanted me to teach DNA repair and damage after the genetics and cell cycle lectures.  Thats something that I hate to even listen, while I was a student. I used to dose off so much during those lectures. I was a bit upset and I still managed to prepare for the class. The lecture went okay. However, I was a bit shocked.. I noticed that the guy (in the first row) who used to listen with so much joy during the prev. lectures was dosing like anything. For the first time, my pride fell off. Could not take it easy for a while... Tried to console myself that " I have done that.." "the subject is so boring like that" etc..Came home with a lost feeling..Felt like I failed...Shared this feel to a friend. His one-line comment was incredible. All he said was 'I realize that Neeyum oru thaai Priya' :)-

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Yesterday, I called up my phone company to resolve an issue. There was this customer service representative who started the conversation with a dashing energy. Well, I was happy that it's not one of those mid-30's woman talking with a fatigue tone. With cheer, I greeted him and continued. Initially, I thought that this guy was a bit loud and I was thinking if I can change any set-up in the office phone to reduce the loudness. OMG!! I realized that his loudness increased gradually so much that I almost forgot that he was polite and helpful. I wasn't sure if I can tell him to reduce his loudness. But with his accent and stress on syllables, I felt that there was a nuclear explosion on my left ear and I was almost deaf. Then, I put my phone down on table and still I could speak to him with no need of speakers. My heart was pumping so fast with his loudness.
That's when I realized "I am an energy person as well. I get excited sometimes on phone. What if  I am too loud for somebody.. what if the other person is just bearing with me. I don't want that "  If any of my friends read this post, please let me know if I am loud. OMG!! It was awful to bear that!

Tuesday, November 03, 2009


A very interesting read at Prabhu's Blog about Pattinathar. Awaiting the next post(s)!!

Monday, November 02, 2009

Strange things continue...

Last..but not the least thing ..well sorry for the cliche..I got another job offer from a totally unexpected lab and place this evening!!

Clearly, its a lovely day!!

Strange day

Today is a strange day in all sense. I dont know what is happening to me. And What is happening around me as well. I am here sitting and day dreaming..and I hear that my third-first author paper is accepted with no revision or corrections in a reasonably okay journal in less than a week. Straight through..

And its very strange that I am blogging all posting 3 posts on just one -day, that too during day time :)

Well, clearly everything is strange !!

Aanantha Vali

Okie.. I kicked myself out from the journal club. Mind is in a mood to just narrate..

Karavaipasu kanrukku paal-soerum pozhudhil
Paravaip palavum paadum pozhuthil - en
Varavai satre edhir noekki irundha
Kudhiraiyin mael naanum thaava , thaaviyadhu
Katrai alavu kudookalamum thaanae!! Munpiravi
Uraivai arindhadhu pol meyunardhu kuthiraiyo (ennaik)
Kuzhandhai yena karuthi karu neelavaanil
Kathirait thodum alavu thooki erindhu pidikka
Iravaik kadandhum meymarandhu makizhndhen

Kulirinaik kaaranam katti
Mayilinaipol irai thedaadhu
Thuyil aNai mael kanvalarndhu – Oodhiya
Udalininil unarum vilaiyaattu vali…anre Sonnen.. Aanandha Vali

A strange but pleasant monday morning!!

A very happy monday morning inspite of the fact that I have not prepared for the journal club yet.
A cup of oatmeal with some music... My picks with fav. lines today are here.. You can watch if you don't care about the awful dance but you can definitely LISTEN.

1. En Piravaa mazhalaigai un vizhiyi paarkiren
Naan ezhudha kavithaigalai un mozhiyil ketkiraen..
Song 1

2. Nenjae Nenjae sellayo avanodu...sendraal varamaatai adhu dhaane perum paadu
Song 2

3. Ada vinnum mannum unakulla vilambaramo..Ne velichathil seythu veitha oli chirpamo
Song 3

4. I am a big fan of this up coming actress..these days after the movie Naan Kadavul.
Song 4
Well...I get reminded of this when I listened to this song.. Most of you must have listened to this long time ago. If not, just listen. This is not the full version. Need to search and find out..anyways..

After a beautiful morning..hope, I dont get kicked out from the meeting this noon :)