Monday, January 18, 2010

Heavenly !!!

Hershey's Milk chocolate with Almond    Ferrero rocher Ritter Sport             Milkyway          Snickers    Russell Stover Lindts KitKat    Cadbury’s Nutties Raffaello     Toblerone    Ghirardelli  Ferrara almond nougat Cadbury’s Lollypop   Lacto King Torrone Best of Italy  Hersheys Bliss Belgian Truffles  Cadbury’s Dairy Milk  Nestle’s Crunch  

A chocolate is a chocolate is a chocolate !!
But some of them are heavenly :)


Aravind said...

Have you tasted marzipans the german sweets.. those are awesome.they are made of almond paste.semaya irukkum..

Maayaa said...

Marzipans??hmm..enga kedaikum?

Aravind said... marzipan: Grocery

you can try any european or multi-national grocery stores