Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Are you a workaholic?

Well, now I am in a complete research-based university-associated to medical center wherein people's minimal qualification is PhD or MD. Doctors, profs, post-docs and students are very committed to their job. Can't see funky hairstyles..junk jeans or pink tops in the corridor..On the other hand, I see people being so obsessed with smiles..talks only..only..and only about research.

People who know me will understand how it is not so me... Believe me..its hard to make conversations for me..I have made few friends. Here, I get a feeling that most post-docs/students work long hours not because their boss demands. Its something else in them that drives them..workaholism. No body plans any expt to end by 6 pm or 7 pm. I am very surprised ..rather shocked about that.
Infact, I started probing some of them..why? They are like..they derive some feel good-factor in the lab. After reaching home at 8.00 pm, looks like..they cook something minimal, talk to their spouse about experiments and call up home..and thats books and read for the next day. And these are married people !! Dont know if it has any guilt driven thing behind it.   Life is work alone and work alone is life. Many of these people genuinely tell me " I know..I need to change..Its not good for me". Initially I had been so guilty that my mind set is not so trained to think just about work alone. But now, I see that it cannot be me. I cannot force myself and looks like it may not be productive as well. Its very hard to explain them how it affects the productivity. People might think I am jealous or I am distracting them and productivity is proportional to working long hours. I am sad and I am not sure how are they even happy. What is that..that is giving them pleasure..

I am very confused how people can't differentiate hardwork and workaholism. Hard work and workaholism - I think that there is probably just a thin line between these. May be once they go past working hard work, they see a happiness in workaholism that I have never seen in my life.. May be I dont know.  I see this behavior even with other people who are not researchers..with engineers..with s/w professionals..I am interested to know what is the cause for such a behavior.
Trying to read about this. Check this to see if you are a workaholic.

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