Thursday, February 04, 2010

My first week..

During this first week in San Antonio, the city weather is not as it is supposed to be..I guess!!
" Its rainy..There is no humidity...Extremely cloudy"

Well, I like it..Its new to me and every street is new !! Every road is parallel to another road at some point and is perpendicular at some point.. But, all roads lead to I-10 and most roads cross either of the loops 410 or 1604. 

Food is awesome. Even the regular subway and chipotle food is tasty..Mann..There is something fishy here..Restaurant compete with one another so badly. Vegetarian food is so common here as well..

Shops...3-4 HEBs , 3-4 walmarts, 2 Big lots, atleast 7-8 auto shops, 2 huge malls, 20-30 ATMs, 8-10 banks within 10 min driving distance from my home. One thing that is missing are the local coffee shops.. almost nil..Again, starbucks' monopoly prevails here !!! :(

Friends.. who said people are not friendly in texas.. at least till now, people came out of their way to help me and get acquainted. !!

Overall, a better start here when compared to any of the cities I moved in earlier..  Well, now, I should give myself the credit that I am growing as well . Plus, my sonata has made my life much easier :)

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Aravind said...

RiverWalk - vedikkai parka ( read sight adikka ) sirandha idam :))