Thursday, February 25, 2010

Shampoo Quality - Pantene..Suave

As like anybody, I was trying out different shampoos to make my hair look beautiful.  Earlier in 2004, I found Pantene Shampoo + conditioner to make my hair look shiny and beautiful. The shine given by Pantene was so attractive to me that I almost stopped my weekly Shikakai use and used Pantene instead, even after oil bath. Although I was doing this, there was some thing weird...It wiped out the oil and dried my hair completely that there was no use of having an oil bath. So, I gradually stopped using Pantene after oil bath but I never quit using Pantene for a normal hair wash.

In about 2008, I switched to Suave when I found that it gave an extraordinary fluffy feel of my hair. It made my hair look shiny as well as silky. But I realized that it had a wax-like feel that made my hair look great.  I was wondering if a 1.5 dollar stuff can made my hair look this great, why people are not using it?? Never researched about it. Recently, I bought the New Pantene in a hurry at a store and I see that Pantene has come up with a very similar wax that you can experience the same fluffy-feel as well as the dryness as like fact its worser than suave.

Guys and girls, your hair might be fluffy, silky, shiny without knots with these shampoos but if you have a dry skin, please stop using either of those. I tell you this because, it dried out my hair so much that I really felt dehydrated. It removed my natural body oil on the scalp totally. Infact, it went to an extent of building up my body heat that my eyes were burning like hell for almost a week. I had an oil bath with shikakai and then is when my eyes stopped burning . These shampoos have a low quality wax and bad detergents. If you are sensitive like me to dryness, you will experience it sooner..otherwise, you will be puzzled why you have all the heat-related illness!! It hard to discover what is wrong. Most of the times, we blame it on the local weather.. But I guess a lot of times, its the synthetic stuff that we use.
 Google up to see the bad things in these shampoos!!

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