Friday, April 30, 2010

Sunday, April 18, 2010


Today, all of a sudden I wanted to watch some goundamani comedy. When I googled, I see that (Rumour says that) he is dead today. Its not yet confirmed.

However, I wanted to post this as a tribute :).  I am a not a great fan of goundamani as I hate his noisy voice. Nevertheless, I enjoyed his comedy in a lot of movies with low volume tone. His comedy does not appeal right away.. something like AR Rehman's music or aerated drinks..But once you are accustomed to the noise, you can enjoy the funny/peculiar word usage in his comedy. Sometimes, his thinking ..the way he takes it to make it comical is completely a new line of thought that it will make you laugh right away. He is also an actor who became popular in his later years. There are many many scenes of goundamani comedy that I absolutely love. Here are the ones that I was watching today:

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

How do you address a fellow stranger?

Recently I noticed that non-chennai tamilians and people from outskirts of chennai like me, address another tamilian with a relation (murai vechu koopdardhu)..I mean, when I meet a fellow tamilian girl or a guy, I call them as akka, anna, thambi, maami, maama, ayya etc. I feel more connected with them when I address in any of these forms.  The core chennaiites don't address them with any form of relation. They find that there is no necessity and don't try to connect with the other person with a relation. Also, I was noticing that I always have a defined relation to most of the people right from day 1. Unlike core-chennaites, once I find somebody elder to me, they are akka to me irrepective of how frequently I talk to them or how much I am friends with them. And it is hard for me to create and put this person in a category of general pool of friends, unless they are of my age.