Monday, September 27, 2010

Rajinikanth enters CBSE Textbook...

Remember the song from Raja Chinna Roja  "Super staru yaarunnu ketta chinna kozhandhaiyum sollum.." Yeh..probably an old news for some of news for me :(

 See this !!!

Well my first reaction was " Oh.. okay..This is how people enter into text book".  I do not deny the fact he has come a long way with his hardwork and by dealing with the right people with right attitude. Well, why am I not so happy. Somehow I cannot see somebody getting into textbook like this !!Do I really underrate the use of his style and action to captivate the mass' attention? Is it because I underrate somebody for becoming successful in the film Industry or Do I fear that this person is gonna be followed by other actors with political support. Oh!! I absolutely enjoy Rajini movies. Then why is my reaction not so great? I wish I see MS Subbulakshmi, Kalki, Ilaiyaraja for their success stories. Anyways!!

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Dileepkumar Nair said...

hi maya i dileep from dubai i am interseted to see that u r a outstanding person

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