Saturday, March 06, 2010

Maayaa's Theory :)

If you want something strong from inside, you surely will receive it/be able to do it, when you don't limit/define yourself with "from whom/with whom/how/where". Some times, don't even define "when" and it may happen exactly at "When" you wanted. This is my Life's theory these days. There are many many things happening at my side that fall under my theory.

Wanted a couche/ Love seat. It got into my apt with absolutely NO efforts from my side (through somebody I hardly knew) from somebody. I wanted a cappuccino steaming machine very badly but I thought it is very expensive for me to buy.  Now,  it is there next to my cube (from my boss's husband). I never even asked or told my boss about my interest. My boss decided to bring a coffee maker/espresso for the lab for coffee lovers and that happened to be what I wanted (there is just 2 of us who use that and I am the only one using the steamer). Wanted to visit LA and Vegas before 2010..wanted Hyundai Sonata since years and all those happened.

The wanting thing should be deep from you like a Sankalpam. You should have thought about it for a while..again and again. I can sense that there is some positive around me that favour my wishes. In fact. for some of the things,  I resisted the route through which I received things but it finally came to me even after resistance. In other cases, I was rigid on "with whom" to go around/do what I wanted and the "how" I want part.  These days, I feel..after all I am getting what I want and a lot of people don't. By being rigid with secondary things, I may miss those lovely things/wishes in life. Hope this attitude of "being easy" lasts in me!!