Tuesday, November 30, 2010

ahh... just can't wait !!

From T Mobile(4 years) to Cingular(2)...AT&T..and now Verizon !!

 Motorola Flip..Motorola Razor..Nokia candy bar..Sony Ericsson W820 candy bar..Sony Ericsson W760a Flip.. Casio Exilim..

Well, you guys must be wondering if this girl still lives in stone age. Well, yeh.. I certainly never had the urge to get the latest phone model.. Infact I got these phone much later after they were actually in demand..But that does not mean I have no requirements..Rather I had requirements that people never bothered!! It took me a while to figure what I wanted in a phone..rather what can irritate me...
Motorola Flip - This was my first one ever -learned that the screen can get so yukky because of the touch..phone heated up after 1 to 2 hrs..and my ears were so warm..

Razor- a nice one..I did all the testing for free.. Left in the fridge for a day..dropped from the second floor..stepped on it many times..dropped in an oil pan..like a bajji and that's when I had to actually change when the screen looked like a "water bubble" game..well, the oil was trapped in but it still worked..The only bad thing was it was too slim and it would fall out of the trouser pocket.

Sony Ericsson W820- this has been my favorite phone ever...with the popular/standard sony ericsson ring tone.. This phone really made me understand what I want in a phone.. a very nice dial pad where each button is distinctly away from each other and can be used quickly w/o touching the other..No need to flip every time..Fits in a pocket so well..very good battery life..never gets dirty..it lasted for 3 years.  I just could not throw that away even after its time !!

Sony Ericsson W760a- I liked my prev phone so much and as, I could not find any more, this was closest to my requirements..A Walkman phone..My current one..a very good one for recording music..excellent camera.. 3.2 m pixel..did not like the sliding concept.  In 2009, I choose to buy this during the time when it was totally outdated.....I could not find the same just because it was from Sony Ericsson- still good..

Okay... now moving to Verizon...need another one- did a lot of survey/search for a free phone or a phone under $50- samsung Intensity 2 and LG cosmos were the two that were sort of.. okay to me at the store..  But I did not like the plastiky finish of Samsung and I hate this horizontally sliding models, although it is in vogue. Thats when I saw this Casio Exilim in the hands of a Verizon sales person. Suddenly it striked her that is the phone that I may have to consider although it is not available in store. I was enquiring about how she likes it.. the price.. its features..It looked amazing..Miltary certified- water, dust, fire proof..5.3 m pixel camera.. distinct key/dial pad..very good battery life..long talk time.. well, its a flip phone and except for that, I was okay. I ordered it right way..

Its something that I am dreaming about every day..every hour..when is it gonna arrive??!!!.. I know some people are like " hey its not even a phone that people would find it fashionable.." Well..when my necessities are met and when I think that is the best one for me..I get happy..and I dont easily get carried away by what is in demand in the market.. Living in my own "contented" feeling of having the best phone- may be, blissfully ignorant.. he he!!!